Win a ticket?!

We have had such a great week getting ready for the Flathead Building Associating’s Parade of Homes, which starts tomorrow at noon. Want to get a free family pass and a chance to see all of the homes on the parade this weekend (including ours!)? First person to message me…


The Northwood and the Wood Lot

We have 2 exciting new homes in the works. We started staking and excavation on the Northwood this week with the home owners assisting us in the placement of their house. We also poured the foundation and walls on our Wood Lot home. You can start following both projects on our website!


Fly in


It’s not everyday your clients fly their own plane in for a quick visit at our little local airport! They’re just checking out the progress on their new Montana home. I feel lucky!



Inscribe: Write or carve (words or symbols) on something, esp. as a formal or permanent record.

Our clients timed their visit to Whitefish perfectly this week, and carved into the freshly poured garage floor this morning. Just the start of many memories for this amazing family in the Middle Fork Lodge!



Our framers are getting the sheeting on our Whitetail project, the roofers start tomorrow. Not a day too soon, it has been a hot, sunny month in Whitefish…this house is ready for some shade!


Summer afternoon at Lake McDonald. Who doesn’t want to live in Montana?


Last day…

We’re at The Bighorn house for the last full day of finishing touches. The clients will move in on Monday. Our electrician Dave is hanging the last few lights. Looking around today I can say I could not be happier with how this house came together. It’s fantastic, and it fits our clients perfectly.


East Rim

We are making excellent progress on our East Rim project…all the details are starting to come together. Loving all the rock and the bonderized metal.


Final touches

We are getting close with our carriage house project in Rexford…hanging lights, setting appliances, touchup
painting…all the fun stuff! Recognize the table from a few weeks ago?! Next week we’ll have some completion photos to check out.