White Cashmere

Installing white cashmere granite today at the Bighorn. We are getting close to the home stretch on this project, soon we’ll be posting final photos of this awesome house! Have you been following our progress??


It’s Friday…

It’s a beautiful Friday night, my car thermometer says it is 93 degrees in downtown Whitefish, and our framers are working late to get floor trusses set this evening on our new project. And that makes me happy.


Table it

Check out this custom blue pine/fir table we had built for our clients by the door shop at RBM Lumber. It’s going to look amazing stained and finished. We are just a couple weeks away from wrapping up our carriage house! http://www.rexfordcarriagehouse.com/


Walls and then some

There is something quite exciting about seeing the walls start to go up on a new project. All the planning, all the design, and finally you have the first glimpse of a house. Now the fun really starts!


Out to lunch

We have such a variety of talented people that help make up our Old MT team. Here’s a shot of our carpenter and gifted musician Tom performing as part of the Wednesday concert series in Depot Park.


Before and after…

Remember the rock work we showed you from last week going up on the front of our garage? Our client saw it for the first time last night and was so excited with how it looked he actually wrapped his arms around the pillar and hugged it (if only I had captured that moment in a photo!) Like it?


A Rocky Situation

Our mason, The Rockstar, knows how to make the most of a rocky situation. He is currently working on these fantastic rock pillars on the front of our garage. Check out some of his other work on our website and look for an update of his finished product.


Ahh, summer time

The wildflowers are blooming, a sign summer is starting in Montana. From zip-lining at Whitefish Mountain Resort, picking cherries on Flathead Lake, watching “The Sound of Music” at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse, or hiking to Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park, this is one of the very best times to be in Northwest Montana. www.explorewhitefish.com


Making an entrance…

We like wood. We especially like our big timber beams which we use as accent details on the exterior and interior of our homes. Today my framers set the beams on the entry of our new East Rim home. I have to admit it was pretty exciting and impressive seeing them put it into place!