The Lookout has finally started…

The Lookout is getting a foundation today, which for all of you who know the story of the little West Glacier Lookout, is a BIG step in a very long process.  I get to help build houses every day, at a job I love.  But, I only will ever get to have one house built FOR me.  I knew today would feel good, finally getting “out of the ground” and the official start…but it was better than I expected.  It was a little trip down memory lane and a good reminder of all that went into getting me to this point.  

The Lookout has quite the story, one that I feel pretty proud to be part of.  See, the Lookout didn’t start out as a Lookout.   It started out with me wanting to build in a very challenging spot for special reasons (basically, a rock pile).  It started out with a lot of walking around and strategizing and over a year of surveying and permitting.  It started out with me thinking I knew just what I wanted to build, see I had it all figured out in my mind.    

But, as it turns out, I’m a pretty lucky girl.  My builder/boss/friend told me I should step back and throw all my “this is what I am going to build” ideas out the window and start with a fresh slate…he told me if I didn’t do that I was closing my mind to the possibly of something great.  I can tell you from first hand experience, this is not easy to do….we encourage our clients to do it all the time, but doing it myself was very hard. But once I let go, my builder took everything he knew about me, and why I wanted to be near Glacier Park, the way my husband and I live, all the things he knew I loved, and created something I could not have ever imagined.  It was a lot of work, a lot of planning, and it took a lot of people to help make it come together.  It took 4 months to put in a road, to run power, to drill a well.  It took 8 days with a rock saw to get in utilities and break rock to make a level spot.  It took the 3 long days and countless amounts of rebar to set up the forms to pour the foundation – what I watched happen today.

The newest Old Montana project has started.  It is going to be special to me for so many reasons, but knowing I have the best builder, and the best team of people, pulling out all the stops to make it happen…priceless.  And it all happened because someone convinced me to let go.  I’m so glad I did.