I always tell people I love my job because in building no 2 days are the same, there is always something new going on, something changing and something different to do and see.  Most days are fantastic and fun and rewarding, and every once in awhile you run into a problem…and you solve it and you move on.  That’s just building.

I have learned so much in the past couple years, about how things don’t always go how you plan, or you miss something, or you change your mind…and you problem solve.  Building is like problem solving.  In some form, we problem solve every day.

Last week we caught a big problem on one of our houses.  Walls which were supposed to be framed at 10 feet had been framed at 9 feet, floor trusses were on, walls were being built on the second floor.  Not a fun problem, not a small problem. But this is construction, and when you have the right pieces in place…the right team of people…problems can be addressed, solved, planned out and moved past.  Last week was a good example of how WE have the right pieces.  The framers admitted their mistake, jumped in 110% to get it right, the truss company showed up within an hour, the engineer showed up, everyone put their heads together and the planning started.  

Have to admit I was a little excited to see the use of a crane again on our jobsite today when they lifted those floor trusses (although not for this reason!).  I was happy to be at the house today and see the problem going away, hear our framer explain to the client how it was all working out, and how no matter what, they would never make this same mistake again (said with a smile!!).   I walked away not thinking about this “mistake” but thinking about the way we handled it and made it right.  And I felt proud of the Old Montana team…proud of how WE do it right.