For those of you who know the Old Montana Building Company and who have worked with us and for us, you know the importance of what we consider to be the core of what we do…people who care, working as a team, to build homes for people we love. It’s a pretty simple concept. We are passionate about what we do, we surround ourselves with talented hardworking people, and at the end of the day we feel like together we make it all happen.

For the past couple of years it seems we have been waiting for the right piece to add to our company, and I am happy to say we found it. We are officially welcoming Cal Brenneman to the team as Old Montana’s Project Manager.

We could have told you a year ago Cal was the right person for us…and in fact it has been discussed many times. It’s funny how those things just seem to fall into place when the right person is involved. Cal has worked in the Flathead Valley all his life, and has been building for 30 plus years, and he knows houses. Cal has framed 5 homes for Old Montana; including the Woodlot which was one of our award-winning parade homes this past year and most recently the Lookout. Cal is excellent at what he does, and we could not be happier with the work he has done and the ideas he has brought to the table, but the real reason Cal is perfect for us is because of who he IS. You can fill a position with a job tile, or you can find the right person for the job, period. Cal just happens to be the RIGHT person.

A month ago, when the roof was craned to the top of the Lookout in rather dramatic fashion, Jon and I stood next to Cal and watched it all come together and it felt right…the perfect team. Some things are worth waiting for.

Welcome to Old Montana Cal…let the fun begin!

Cal, the day the roof went on the Lookout!!

Cal, the day the roof went on the Lookout!!