For all of you who follow Old Montana Building Company you know I try to write about the different homes and projects we have going, and all the great things we get to do with the awesome clients we have.  It is a little different to try to tell my own story.

The idea of the Lookout started a little over a year ago, when Jon presented me with my own folder with the name “Somer Joy Treat” across the top and a floor plan and a couple sketches.  See, the idea was to build something different and unique, this little Lookout on a rock pile in West Glacier, and along the way push Somer to do something extra fantastic.  I look back at those drawings now and they have hardly changed at all…that idea, so absolutely crazy-perfect from the very start, it just instantly stuck.  It’s not a normal opportunity; to have someone give you the chance to do something like this – and I have felt lucky every single day of this project.

But orchestrating all the pieces in order to make it happen has not been so easy; all of it has just been a little extra challenging…the road, the site, the rock, the foundation, the utilities, the engineering, the framing…and today the roof.  I suppose the extra work does make it extra rewarding, which is easier to say once each part is over!  It is also proof that because I have had all the right people, who from the very start have helped me get to this point, anything is possible.  I have had the BEST team of people going above and beyond for me.

I remember a few weeks ago when Cal, my framer, told me he was going to build the roof on the ground and fly it up to the top of the Lookout with the biggest crane he could book in the Valley.  I thought…really?  Cal said it was the best idea, and although he had never done it, it just made sense.  I mean, why not do that – people must fly roofs 3 stories up on the edge of a cliff all the time, right?  And Cal was the perfect person to try to do it…he planned it, he imagined it, he did everything absolutely right…and today when it didn’t go perfectly at the start he stayed even and calm and positive and figured it out.  I’m a lucky girl.

This morning, at 9:45 AM, when the roof was set to “lift off” (as Cal called it) everything seemed just perfect.  But on the first try, the roof was too heavy, close to 15,000 pounds, and the crane operator said it was a no-go.  Everyone took a step back and shook their heads and unhooked the cables.  I have to say, my heart did sort of stop.  Fortunately, a bunch of determined people managed to put their heads together and decided if the crane could just get 15 feet closer to the Lookout it might work.  And as fate had it, my cousins could make that happen in less than an hour of time and one torn up road and an excavator that miraculously started.  2 hours later at 12 PM, we all stood back, holding our breath and they lifted it up 4 feet off the platform.  2 minutes later it was on the Lookout.  2 minutes…that is all it took to get a roof.  

1 year of surveying, 12 months of planning, 6 months of site-work, 2 hours of waiting, 2 minutes in the air…a lot of hand holding, a few tears, and all the perfectly right people to make it completely worth it.   The hard part is over…the rest will be “easy”!!