It is hard to believe it is almost the end of October, and in a few more weeks we might see snowflakes falling in Montana.  This fall has flown by, we have been busy finishing and starting a variety of awesome projects, as well as planning future homes we could not be more excited to begin.  I have written a hundred blogs in my mind, but haven’t seemed to find the time to sit down and post any of them.

I was on a trip with clients recently and we got to talking about building and construction and how much I loved my job.  We are in the last couple months of their project which started almost a year ago: the home stretch.  This time is full of lots of little decisions, seeing the finishing touches, watching everything come together and the excitement of feeling the end is in sight.  We were talking one night about the house, when they started to think about building, how it all began, and the home owner was telling me that when they first started to consider building she had no desire to do it at all.  She said for several months she resisted the idea all together, she wanted nothing to do with any of it.  She said she could not even imagine taking on something like building a house, and she told her husband several times she didn’t have the time or the desire to put into it…she wanted to just forget it.

But then, they started working with us and it started to change her outlook on building.  Somewhere along the line she started to have fun and feel excited and look forward to it.  She said, I could never have done this alone, but with you here to help with every step, I have actually started to ENJOY it.  I could even do it again.  How did that happen?  How did you make this so easy?

That is what we do.  At Old Montana we make building a house fun and easy.  It is everything I could hope for a client to feel during a project…like yes, this is actually FUN.  It’s a pretty big reward to know, after all this time and work, we were actually able to make something daunting feel easy.  Who would have thought?